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Family road trips though Iowa to thank Plasma donors


Summer break kicked off for many kids this week.  An Illinois family hit the road this week to road trip through Iowa.   The family is hitting every plasma donation center to say, "Thank you."

Tommy, Kate and Charlie Fladhammer share a bond as siblings, but they also share the same disease.

"A lot of people are actually touched by this, because a lot of people don't know what P.I. is," said Charlie Fladhammer.

"We all have the same disease, called P.I." said Tommy Fladhammer.

P.I.  stands for Primary Immunodeficiency.  Basically their little bodies lack the ability to fight infection.

"I'm missing part of my immune system and my immune system doesn't build up antibodies like other systems do," said Kate Fladhammer.

Plasma is the key ingredient in the kids' life saving medicine.  Donating plasma is similar to donating blood, and the need is constant.

"For us it takes roughly six donations per week just to make enough medicine for our three kids.   That doesn't include the other people who use it.  Not only for Primary Immunodeficiency but for other diseases," said Dayna Fladhammer.

The Fladhammer's trip started in Coralville and will end in Sioux City.  The kids spend the day volunteering at Biolife, and thanking donors.

"I don't have antibodies to fight germs, so I'd like to say thank you for donating!" said Charlie Fladhammer.

"As parents our goal is for them to leave the house someday, right?  This is how we help them understand the importance of their medicine," said Dayna Fladhammer.

"I'm depending on those donors. I'm depending on them all." said Tommy Fladhammer.

"You will always to be me a donor and my hero, so thank you." said Charlie Fladhammer.

Click here to learn more about donating plasma and the Eligibility Guidelines

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