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UPDATE: Suspected thief steals vehicle as parents leave hospital with newborn


A Dike family was heartbroken this weekend after what should be a joyous time.  After giving birth to a baby boy, they were leaving the hospital when they discovered a thief had stolen their SUV.  The vehicle was filled with gifts for the baby, cameras full of pictures, and even video of the birth.

But on Wednesday, police found the couple's car abandoned, outside of Waterloo. All of their belongings, including that special birth video were inside.

Surveillance video captured the suspect in action. Now, police are trying to identify him and bring him to justice.

Cindy Gronowki says she and her husband were left with 3-day-old JaKoby and little else when trying to leave Covenant Medical Center's Women's Health Center Saturday afternoon.  He had pulled their SUV to the door, then went to escort her out. Problem is he left the keys in the ignition and a thief took advantage of it.

 "It had my video of the birth, my cameras, my laptops, iPods, everything because I had my kids there with me and everything was gone," said Gronowski.

 Gronowski had to borrow a car seat from her sister-in-law and get a ride from her stepsister while her husband reported the theft to police.  

 "We're a little older and this wasn't planned and so we were really, I did things really right this time and got everything recorded, the baby book, everything written in so it's just a disappointment," said Gronowski. The theft happened around 4 p.m. Saturday.  If you have any information, call Waterloo Police. 


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