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St Luke's raises awareness of stroke


Try an everyday task like getting dressed with control of only one arm and realize that it's not so simple.

"A lot of our patients who come in with strokes, that's a reality for them," said Heidi Mangold, a registered nurse at St. Lukes Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

Stroke is the nation's third highest killer, yet the disease burden itself can be more significant.

"Most strokes cause a lot of disease and problems for people and don't cause death," said Dr. Scott Geisler, Stroke Director at the hospital.

To raise awareness, staff at St. Luke's Hospital are demonstrating deficits that can occur after having a stroke.

Health officials are stressing steps people can take in prevention,such as not smoking, monitoring the diet to help cholesterol and high blood pressure, and working with health care providers to address other risk factors like heart disease and diabetes.

"Any part of our brain, the nerves that die, we don't get them back, so prevention is the biggest thing we can do for everybody," Geisler said.

Officials urge those who believe they are experiencing symptoms of a stroke, such as numbness and tingling in the face or arms, or problems speaking, to get to a doctor as quickly as possible.

"Time is crucial to get to the emergency room, from the time it begins until the time they get here so they can get better treatment," Mangold said.

May is stroke awareness month.

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