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Dan Butterfield: Eastern Iowa Biggest Loser


The steady drone of a blender spells sweet music to Dan Butterfield in his Cedar Rapids health food store.

Butterfield mixes up healthy shakes and smoothies---and this is like a metaphor for Dan's life which needed a major shakeup less than 2 years ago following the death of his grandmother Ferne Rawson.

Dan Butterfield said, "Yeah we pretty much did everything together..we had a business together we would just get in the car and just travel wherever---she really was my best friend."

"She was my world".

When he lost his beloved grandmother, Dan hit rock bottom with depression. And now the weight issues that he battled all of his life began to spiral completely out of control. In a matter of months Butterfield gained 200 pounds. He tipped the scales at a whopping 517. 6 pound, living on a fast food diet--that sometimes contained more than 6,000 calories a meal.

Dan said,"I really didn't care. That's how rock bottom I was I didn't care."

Dan's mother Julie thought she might lose him.

Julie Butterfield said, "I was very fearful--I didn't know from day to day if we would still have him with us."

With support of his mom and the intervention of some close friends Dan chose to lose weight and regain his health.

Dan said, "I started working one on one with a wellness coach for my metabolism, which for me meant a certain amount of protein and a certain diet. A certain number of times a day I needed to eat and all balanced around nutrition."

In less than a month Dan dropped 39 pounds.

Dan said, "And then I lost 100 pounds in six months and then 200 pounds in 12 months and days. And then I went on to lose 215 total.''

Mrs Butterfield, who opened the health food store with Dan, has seen her son completely turn his life around.

Julie said, "He's gone from being so depressed and couldn't walk 20 feet--to being healthier-- a role model, a teacher, and he's happier."

Dan said, "I was blessed to find this... I was blessed to finally make the decision to do something about it."








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