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Cedar Falls family about to add two new members


Most couples who are about to become parents will tell you to expect the unexpected. A Cedar Falls couple has traveled around the world to complete their family.

Back in January, the husband and wife team of Kim and Dan Jensen invited KWWL into their home.  At that time, they were viewing photos and videos of the children up for adoption at an orphanage in Bulgaria.

"This is when he was a baby, and just three months old in the orphanage," said Dan Jensen.

"There he is, these are about a year old.  So he's probably about three here," said Kim Jensen.

The adoption idea doubled in a matter of months.

"We were just going to adopt a little boy, and in October we got news that there was a little girl that became available for adoption," said Dan Jensen. "She was born just one day after the little guy, and she needed a home too."

The orphans have different biological mothers and fathers, but have a lot in common.

"They're the same height, the same weight. Born a day apart. So it's like little 4-year-old twins!" said Kim Jensen.

"In a lot of Eastern European countries, there's a social stigma attached to having children that have disabilities and things." said Dan Jensen.

"So, its almost like a flood of unwanted children over there. I've always kind of thought women and children first.  These are children in probably the most need, because there are so many.  They do not have an opportunity to get out of whatever system is over there. The system itself is not what it is here in the United States."

This isn't the first time Kim and Dan have welcomed toddlers into their home, but their parental instincts haven't changed.

"It's been really fun getting to go back and get sippy cups, and car seats!" said Kim Jensen. "And preparing the room for them!  I've really enjoyed that."

The Jensens' share a family philosophy.

"He'll have a little friend, and we're excited they can grow up together. Depending on how close they are, they could even live together when they're older! So, they'll always have each other."

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