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LIVESTRONG would bring Cancer Transitions program to Waterloo


A local cancer treatment center is looking to expand its program with the help of a national contest. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is competing for a LIVESTRONG Community Impact Project. The grant would allow Covenant Cancer Treatment Center to implement the "Cancer Transition" program.

One of the people who would benefit from this program is Stacy Allers. Her workouts with trainer Timi Brown are part of a weekly routine now, as is dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy treatments. It's a life she never imagined living, until a phone call from her doctor.

"My life changed March 1st. I have doctors appointments, MRI's, chemotherapy, radiation, labs," said Allers.

Allers will continue with this routine until she's declared "cancer-free".

"Kind of take everything in steps. I don't really look at the whole picture, just taking steps. And once the last step is done, I look at the next step and go from there," she said.

The concern for doctors, is how Allers will cope when the steps are over.

"You've finally won the fight, you're done, moving on. And then, all of the sudden you're at home and you're all by yourself and you're like -- what am I supposed to be doing now? You're used to all those appointments, you're used to seeing people, checking in with everyone. And there's nothing on the appointment book," Brown explained.

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Transitions program trains survivors to manage life in remission -- including exercise, finances, and mental stability. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is among several groups vying to bring the program to their community.

"LIVESTRONG comes to communities, they bring programming, they bring support, they bring extra funding for patients and their families. It really brings something to our community," said Brown.

If Covenant Cancer Treatment Center does win, Allers plans to enroll in the program. But she's not looking ahead that far...yet. She's taking on cancer one day, one treatment, at a time.

You can vote for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare's Covenant Cancer Treatment Center to win the LIVESTRONG grant once a day, every day. Voting ends on May 31st. To vote, click here.

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