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Health Plus: Eastern Iowan bikes to work


It's Bike to Work Week, a week four years ago that inspired one eastern Iowan to ditch his car and give it a try.

In Health Plus, why biking to work is working for him.

It only takes Craig Engstrom eight minutes to get to work at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo.  And that's on two wheels.

The 61-year-old gave it a try four years ago during Iowa's Bike to Work Week and it worked.

"I just enjoy it. It kinda gets me going in the morning and kinda relaxing on the way home," said Craig Engstrom.

Of course there are health benefits.

"When you bike anywhere, whether it be moderately or vigorously, you tend to burn about 400 to up to 900 calories in a session of 30 minutes," said Sheri Purdy with Covenant.

But what about the weather?

"I get caught in the rain once in a while. I keep a rain suit here and, if it gets bad, I can put it on and ride home," said Craig.

So why should you try it?

"It brings back the child in everyone and I think as we get older a lot of us tend to sway away from the biking when it's such a great exercise and on top of it, it's a lot of fun. So you keep coming back to it just like Craig," said Sheri.

By the way, Craig is an equipment technician, so he can bike to work in what he wears on the job.

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