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Old Dubuque police car gets a makeover


Last summer the Dubuque Police Department acquired a old Chevy Stylemaster. For several months, two men have been working to tear it apart and completely refurbish it. The Dubuque PD hopes it use the car in parades and public events.

Inside Wayne Klein's garage you'll find a lot of cars.

"Saving another old car from the crusher," Klein said.

But lately all you'll see him and Butch Klein working on is this one. It's literally been stripped down to it's frame as they work refurbish it.

"It'll be seen and I think it should be appreciated," Klein said.

It's a part of the "Save the 48" project, a fundraiser to transform this run-down car into a police car.

"Got it down to bare metal. Took everything apart on it and discovered some areas that were a lot rougher than we expected," Klein said.

A lot rougher like rusted panels, body pieces, nuts and bolts. There is even a broken engine and an improvised siren.

"This is probably the first time that these have been apart since they were put on new," Klein said.

Thanks for generous donations from businesses and community members, now these two are working tirelessly.

"Sometimes it's more work than it's worth, but it does provide you with something to do and it's rewarding when you get the finished product," Klein said.

They'll get this finished product by September 2012. Organizers say they are grateful for all the time and money that's been donated to the car. This week the Dubuque Racing Association approved a $10,000 grant to help with the project. Donations are still being accepted. Contact kklein@cityofdubuque.org or call him at 563-587-3807.

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