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Gyro Bowl gets put to the test


For parents, this product could be a real money saver if your child is constantly spilling food on the floor. In this segment of Does It Really Work we put the Gyro Bowl to test.

Since this product is kid friendly I got my three-year-old daughter Addison to help test it out.

For the first test we tried fruit snacks in the Gyro Bowl. Addison couldn't seem to spill the fruit snacks from the bowl.

For the second test we tried cereal. Once again she has little problem keeping the cereal in the bowl except when she grabs it out to get it in her tummy.

The problems start for the Gyro Bowl when milk is added to the cereal. Addison tipped the bowl and milk poured on the table.

To let other kids get a chance at the Gyro Bowl, we took it Bear Care Daycare in Cedar Falls. The kids loved playing with it and didn't seem to spill much.

"I would do like the fruit snacks or the fish crackers or cereals seems to work okay. I mean things that aren't too messy. I wouldn't get too messy with it," said Angie Lockey of Bear Care.

In the commercial it shows pudding being put in the Gyro Bowl, which those at the daycare would not recommend.

"No I don't think I'd put pudding in it," said Lockey.

While it keeps cereals, fruit snacks and other dry products from falling out, it also is a new form of entertainment.

"They seem fascinated with it so maybe it would be just fun to have to play games, ya know pass it around," said Lockey.

I give the Gyro Bowl a "B-". It doesn't keep everything from falling out, but it does work for some food items. The price of $19.99 is a little much for small plastic bowl.

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