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UPDATE: Closing arguments conclude in Adams trial

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Eddie Adams Eddie Adams

The defense and prosecution concluded their closing arguments Tuesday afternoon in the Eddie Adams trial. The decision is now in the hands of jury members.

Adams, 47, is on trial for the Dec. 3, 2009 armed robbery of Knicker's Saloon in Dubuque. Prosecutors also charged him with attempted murder for his role in the shooting of Dubuque police Lt. Scott Baxter. He's also facing charges of the unlawful possession of an offensive weapon and firearm.

Adams' father, Eddie Chest, is currently serving 50 years in prison for his role in the crimes.

Conflicting testimonies will make this decision difficult for jurors.

Adams testified Monday the two men who committed the Knicker's robbery were his father Chest and Adams' nephew Eric Edwards.

Tuesday morning, the court heard from a former fellow inmate of Adams', who testified he and Adams had a conversation in jail, in which Adams said he planned to pin the robbery on Edwards.

The defense argues Chest, however, pinned the crime on his son Adams in order to protect his grandson Edwards

"Don't let the justice system betray Eddie Adams like Eddie Chest did. Do not convict the wrong man," defense attorney Todd Klapatauskas said.

Prosecutors, however, say all signs point to Adams as the guilty man.

"We don't want the wrong man," defense attorney Chris Corken said, in response toKlapatauskas. "What possible good does it do the state of Iowa to prosecute the wrong man and have a shooter and an armed robber out in the community?"

Corken said signs include the DNA found on the slide and trigger of the sawed-off shotgun that closely matches Adams' DNA. She also reminded jurors that two former fellow inmates of Adams' both testified they had separate conversations with Adams, in which Adams admitted his guilt.

In short, prosecutors say Adams held up Knicker's Saloon with his father Chest. Defense attorneys say Adams was at his girlfriend's house while his nephew Edwards committed the crimes with Adams' father, Chest.

Tuesday morning, the defense motioned for an acquittal or new trial this morning, citing what it said were mistakes and errors, but the judge denied both motions.

Jury deliberations begin Wednesday morning.

On Monday at the Eddie Adams trial in Davenport, the defense began presenting its case.

The court heard from a private DNA tester, who reviewed the results of the Division of Criminal Investigation crime lab.

The expert said the DNA found on the sawed-off shotgun could have come from the shirt in which it was found wrapped. Defense attorneys say they hope to rest their case today.

The defense plans on calling no more than five witnesses.

Jurors also heard from a UNI professor of psychology, who talked about
Weapon Focus.

He said a person is less able to focus on other details when they have
a weapon in sight.

He also talked about race bias and stress impacting what someone
recalls in a particular memory.

Last Thursday, the state called its final two witnesses in the Eddie Adams trial.

The first man's testimony got him out of jail.

Randy Wilson, an acquaintance of Adams, was serving time in the same jail as the defendant. Adams was awaiting trial as Wilson awaited his probation revocation hearing.

Wilson testified the two of them had a conversation in jail, in which Adams revealed some key information.

Wilson then contacted his lawyer and arranged with the state a signature bond, meaning he'd come forward and testify to what he heard from Adams in exchange for getting out of jail before his hearing.

He said their conversation was frank.

"He told me, like, 'Yeah, I did it, but they really don't know I did it.' and he had a little smirk on his face," Wilson testified.

The court also heard from Dubuque police corporal Kurt Horch, who aided in several parts of the investigation.

On Wednesday the jury heard testimony from two very different witnesses, but both play an incredibly important role in the prosecution's case.

First on the stand was Amy Gerhard. She was the co-owner of Knickers at the time of the incident who was held at gunpoint during the armed robbery.

She broke down in tears on the witness stand recounting the experience of feeling threatened by a gun.

When the prosecution asked Gerhard who that suspect was, she pointed to Eddie Adams and said, "That man right there."

In the cross-examination, however, the defense questioned certain details she recalled on the witness stand, such as the suspects' clothing, that she was wasn't able to recall in her statement to law enforcement soon after the incident.

Next on the stand was the analyst from the Division of Criminal Investigation crime lab who analyzed DNA samples on evidence.

She testified results show Eddie Adams' DNA is on a ski mask, gloves and a sawed-off shotgun, all found in a vehicle near the crime scene.

On Tuesday, at the Eddie Adams trial, the court poured through the items found in the vehicle near the scene of the crime.

Items include the sawed-off shotgun, ski masks, gloves, bank receipts bearing the name Eddie Chest and cell phones.

One Dubuque police corporal said the ski masks were sent out for testing.

We may hear later in this trial any DNA results.

Jurors also heard from the surgeon who examined Lt. Scott Baxter and Baxter's three gunshot wounds.

On Monday, witnesses described the second of two suspects from the scene of the crime.

Prosecutors charged Adams with the armed robbery of Knicker's Saloon in Dubuque on Dec. 3, 2009. Adams also faces an attempted murder charge for his role in the shooting of Dubuque Lt. Scott Baxter, in addition to charges related to the possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

Throughout the trial, witnesses have described the situation, where two men in ski masks with sawed-off shotguns robbed Knickers around lunchtime. They later fled the building. The man who shot Lt. Baxter has been identified as Adams' father Eddie Chest. Witnesses have described the other suspect with a consistent but general description.

"He was stockier," witness Dustin Herbst said. "I believe he had his hood up and his coat. He was kind of running hunched over, like he was hiding. It was like a Carhartt-looking coat."

Through testimony and evidence, prosecutors are trying to convince jurors that the second suspect is Adams. The defense, meanwhile, is implying the description is too general and can't be definitively pinned on Adams.

Many witnesses Monday also said they heard a sound like a shotgun firing that day, followed by several pops from a different weapon.

The court saw pictures of the sawed-off shotgun and the scene where Baxter shot Chest.

Judge Monica Ackley sentenced Chest to 50 years in prison in January for his crimes on Dec. 3, 2009.

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