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Does "Grill Daddy" really work?


As Seen on TV product Grill Daddy promises to be "the revolutionary new grill-cleaning tool." KWWL put it to the test.

Its commercial calls it, "the fastest and safest way to get a clean grill and great-tasting food every time."

Avid griller Eric Corll put it to the test on his grill.

"I grill all year round," Corll said. "I've gone through a couple brushes. Haven't really found anything that holds up to a season's worth of grilling, so I'm kind of anxious to see if this thing lives up to the hype."

Corll brushes off his grill before every use, but there are some spots he said he wanted to clean up.

"We've got some residue from some steaks," Corll said.

After watching the Grill Daddy commercial, Corll said he's skeptical the product will work exactly like the commercial shows.

"Your grates are instantly cleaned and sanitized," the commercial touts, as the Grill Daddy makes the grates shine.

"They show a little 'Ka-pow!' and then the grill's brand new," Corll said.

Grill Daddy is simple enough to prep. All someone has to do is fill the product with water.

"A flip of the knob sends a flow of water directly through the bristles, onto your pre-heated grill," the commercial states.

"We've got some steam action," Corll said, running the Grill Daddy over his grill.

By the end of the trial, however, Corll was not convinced of the product's worth.

"Honestly, I think it looks about the same," he said, surveying his grill. "You're brushing it twice. I mean, I could use my own brush twice."

He said he'd give Grill Daddy a "C" rating. He said it works just as well as any of his other brushes but it costs more.

Corll said the Grill Daddy may be better for someone who doesn't regularly clean their grill.

"For those out there that probably only grill a couple times a year, that probably have a lot of food and gunk caked on," he said.

The bottom line is that Grill Daddy does really, it just might not be as "revolutionary" as it claims to be.

Grill Daddy sells for $14.95 online and at select stores. Replacement brush heads are available for about $6.

An online search of Target and Sears shows basic grill brushes range in price from $1.22 to more than $18.

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