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SYSK: Sister Mary Hauber's passions for God and music


Sister Mary Hauber's passion for music, specifically the piano, started at a young age.

"I was six years old and I went to the library every Saturday. On the shelf was a book called how to play piano and every week that book found its way into my backpack," said Sister Mary Hauber.

Her mother noticed the book and started saving money so she could take piano lessons. Sister Mary is also passionate about God and her call to serve.

"When I was 13 I asked the Lord which way he wanted me to go in life, and I believe he was calling me to serve him through the religious life."

50 years ago, she joined the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Family in Dubuque.

A jubilee piano recital was held to celebrate her 50 years of religious life.

For the past 23 years she's lived in Waterloo, serving out her mission of keeping an open studio to teach music.

Tom Nass's two children took piano lessons from Sister Mary.

"The thing about Sister Mary is she's a fun person. The kids will always tell you how much fun she is. She's exciting. She's motivational. She always has some type of incentive," said Tom Nass.

Sister Mary believes everyone should have an opportunity to play piano. She only has one criteria for accepting a student...

"If they're willing to practice," she said.

And if you don't have a piano...

"Sister Mary is willing to go out of her way to help a family find a piano," said Tom Nass.

Through the years, Sister Mary estimates she's taught thousands of students.

"Every kid brings me a surprise every time they come in the door, and that's what makes life bright and beautiful," said Sister Mary.

"Most of the kids will tell you and most of the parents will tell you they're very blessed to have Sister Mary in their lives and she would say the same thing about all of her students and all the parents," Nass.

Sister Mary has impacted many people's lives, just by following her passions in life: God and music.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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