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Health Plus: Local nurse wins award


At times nursing can be a thankless, yet rewarding profession.

So we wanted to let you know about a very deserving eastern Iowa nurse who's been named one of the top one-hundred in the state.

Here's Health Plus:

When Amy Wright gave birth to her son prematurely, she had no idea the nurse who cared for them would instantly change her life.

"She was actually my labor nurse. My water broke at 33 weeks and she was the one that admitted me and stayed with me all night," she said. 

Suzanne Bellinger has been a labor and delivery nurse for seventeen years.

Her bedside manner at Covenant Medical Center was so memorable to Amy, she nominated her for a Great Iowa Nurse Award and Suzanne won!

This year Suzanne is being recognized as one of the top one-hundred nurses in the state.

"I was in disbelief because I just, I feel there's so many great nurses you know that you can't even limit it to 100. You know I feel like I work with a hundred great nurses here so I was kinda overwhelmed. I was humbled and just kind of in disbelief, still am," said Bellinger.

And perhaps just as special, Suzanne inspired Amy--a mother of 5--to go back to school and to become a nurse herself.

"Her actions really prompted me to pursue that and then my husband's support, I was like I'm going to do this so I went back to school, got my LPN, worked full-time as an LPN, went back and got my RN and then got hired here as she's just been my supporter the whole way," said Amy. 

Now Amy works as a nurse at Covenant, still looking to Suzanne as a mentor but just as importantly, lifelong friend.

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