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Clark will run for second term as Waterloo mayor


Buck Clark announced Thursday that he will run for a second two-year term as Waterloo's mayor.

Clark says that if elected to a second term, he "wants to change the perception of Waterloo so people think of it as a progressive, safe, inviting place to live and grow."

"We have problems, all cities do, but Waterloo is a great place to live and raise a family," Clark said in a written statement.

As a former police officer, Clark says that he has insisted in a strong community policing effort.  He says that crime decreased 11.26 percent in 2010 and Group A offenses, like murder, robbery and burglary, are down 16 percent this year and overall crime is down 12 percent in 2011.

Other accomplishments Clark says he has made in his first term is saving taxpayer money through the reorganization of city administrators and creating a "customer-friendly" city staff.

"I have really began a process of changing people's attitudes about living in Waterloo. And that's going to be my goal as I continue on with this," said Clark.

It's not an easy promise to claim you will change the face of Waterloo. Crime in town has dropped more than ten percent, but there are still concerns about safety.

"It seems like a lot of business opening downtown. I wish there were fewer bars!" said resident Jacque Craig.

Fewer bars, and more things to do, top the list of needed improvements.

"More activity. Like entertainment, get-togethers with family," noted resident Mark Harger.

Many folks believe problem areas are getting better. But some wonder if other communities are noticing the improvements.

"A more favorable opinion, I don't know about that!" Craig added, "we always stand up for Waterloo."

Clark wants to continue standing up for Waterloo as well, saying he's only begun to give back what the city has given him.

"We have so much to be proud of, and I want to be the guy who tells that story. I want to be the guy on that soapbox who says, Waterloo is a great place to live and to grow and to raise a family. And it is," Clark said.

Right now, Clark is the only candidate for this November's race. In 2009, voters narrowly elected Clark over Steve Schmitt in 2009. As far as a future run goes, Schmitt told us he's looking at the options and will likely decide in the next few weeks.

Rival Reggie Schmitt also ran in 2009. He said he's thinking about running again.

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