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Cedar Rapids considers firearms for cabs proposal


The murder of a Cedar Rapids taxi driver in April has sparked conversations about the safety of these workers. Cedar Rapids city leaders will soon decide whether taxi drivers from carrying a permit to carry should be allowed to carry a gun on the job.

There's been misinformation circulating around the issue. There currently is no law written that would allow or prohibit licensed drivers from carrying a gun but soon there will be a determination one way or another.

The city council will hold a public hearing on whether to create an ordinance that would prohibit drivers from doing so later this month.

The issue has been debated much before the recent tragedy.

Contrary to other media reports, drivers in many Iowa cities, including Cedar Rapids can currently carry a firearm if properly licensed. That's because there currently is no language in the city ordinance that addresses it.

"The ordinance is actually silent," said City Transit Manager Brad DeBrower. "It's one of the proposals in there which doesn't really change state law right now."

This Cedar Rapids cab driver, who asked to remain anonymous, believes arming drivers could be dangerous.

"There are fights that happen in cabs. There might be a misunderstanding because you get all different types of people in them. And I could see a driver shooting a customer over nothing."

He said video cameras and dividers could help with safety. He also carries minimal cash as a precaution.

The driver told us he's still trying to make sense of the recent attack of the cab driver.

"I was really upset. That's just sad over $32."

The city will hold a public hearing May 24th about the cabbie/gun issue.

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