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Drunk driving victim expanding cab company


No one could blame Curt Hampton if he chose to never to get behind a wheel again. 20 years ago, a drunk driver literally killed Hampton, for a few moments.

"I was dead at the scene of the accident. The ambulance driver seen the accident from the road -- that's how he got there so fast -- he revived me," Hampton said. "There's a lot of things I don't remember all the time because of me being in a coma. I had to learn how to read, write, do math."

Hampton still deals with memory loss and chronic pain. But after years of therapy, the only outward sign of his accident is a handicap permit hanging from his rearview mirror -- the rearview mirror of Curt's Cab.

"As much as I hate but love driving, it's something I can do," he explained.

Hampton's slogan -- "The Better Choice -- Don't Drink and Drive." He's operated out of Charles City for nearly two years. Now, he's expanding south, to Waverly. Thanks, in part, to a college class project.

"We decided to look at public transportation within the community. We pretty much knew there wasn't a predominant transportation system in Waverly. So I came upon Curt, and we had a meeting looking at what goals he has, how he was going to go about coming into the community. And it took off from there," said Jeremiah Harris, a Wartburg student collaborating with Hampton.

Hampton is only in the Waverly area a few hours each week. But he'll go just about anywhere if you give him a heads-up, and he's planning to expand with more cars and added drivers.

"If I can help somebody, I'm right there. If I can't, I will find somebody who can," said Hampton.

The goal isn't to make millions. He wants to give his community a choice -- to call him instead of risking lives.

Curt is charging five dollars a person to go anywhere in Waverly. He's continuing to operate in Charles City as well.  Click here for more information.

On a side note -- the Wartburg students who took on this project did receive an "A" for their work.

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