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Seventh graders fight underage drinking


Last year, a group of sixth graders at Sacred Heart Catholic School took on a proposed liquor store in Waterloo causing some controversy.

The school was just a few blocks away from the proposed location of the store. The students decided to protest when they heard the news. The store owner later decided against opening a liquor store there.

The same students are at it again, this time educating others about the potential dangers of drinking. They are now seventh graders and although they may be young, they are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

"l learned the brain, if you drink a lot, looks like Swiss cheese. If you look at an MRI of someone who has been drinking hard you will see there are a ton of holes," seventh grader Will Evans said.

Evans is just one of 16 students on a mission to educate others of the dangers of underage drinking.

On Wednesday the students put together podcasts. They will later put these online to share what they have learned. They also wrote their congressmen and women to thank them and ask them to continue their effort on limiting liquor licenses in the community.

"My goal is to make a difference. Show people anyone can stand up to others. Just need to believe in yourself," Evans said.

Last year the students held a town hall meeting in which they informed the public on underaged drinking. The meeting was all student driven and about 80 community members showed up to share their opinion.

"From that town hall meeting the suggestions came which they then shared with Pathways. Those suggestions were then given to the council representatives and the mayor, saying these are the issues to have addressed and since then they have taken action," Service-Learning & Leadership Coordinator Carol Luce said.

And taking action is exactly what these students continue to do, no matter their age.

"Once the youth get behind a project they are concerned with, nothing can stop them," Luce said.

The students partnered with Pathways Behavioral Services to help them with their service project.

They say they may even plan another town hall meeting to share what they have learned.

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