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Cedar Rapids man uses special talent to honor mom


Andy Becker of Cedar Rapids enjoys almost every kind of celebration, especially Mother's Day.  Becker is a little bashful, but the one topic he isn't shy about is his mom, Suzanne.

"She's very funny," said Becker.  "She makes me laugh a lot."

The feeling is mutual.   Suzanne Revers credits her son Andy for her sense of humor.

"He encourages me. He makes me laugh. Throughout the day he can just say the simplest, silliest little things that just keep us going," said Revers.

This mother-son bond began 30 years ago when Revers found out she was pregnant.

"He was born two months pre-mature. We didn't know he had been born with Down Syndrome until he was 6 months old. I had no idea what that was all about. He was just my precious baby, just like any other mom."

Three decades later, Andy is still the star of the family.

"As a brother, as a son, as a cousin, and as a grandson, to my parents, he has affected so many people in such deep ways by just being himself," said Revers.

Mother's Day was no exception.  Andy spent weeks perfecting a song he composed for his mom. 

"He will give me lots of hugs, and tell me Happy Mother's Day all day long! It will be a big deal in our house!" said Revers.

The day in May for moms rolls around once a year, but in Andy Becker's house, it's never too early to celebrate.

"Isn't that what its all about? Just being so pure, and good? And such an inspiration as being a person." said Revers.

Suzanne Revers recently shared Andy's story with the National Down Syndrome Society.

She hopes people will take a moment to educate themselves and honor the 400-thousand Americans living with Down Syndrome.


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