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Reward for wounded opossum


A reward is now being offered for any information after a possum was found shot five times. It was found trapped in a cage.

The Humane Society of the United States and The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust are offering $500 to anyone with information.

The opossum was found in Waterloo on April 24th. When the officers approached the cage where she was trapped they thought she was dead. She was of course only playing dead, but really was hurt.

"To trap an animal in a live trap and shoot it repeatedly in our opinion it's cruel," said Terese Evans, Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project Director.

In April the mom opossum of six was shot five times, four times in the face and once in the shoulder. All while she was trapped in a cage.

"She is lucky, she is very lucky," said Evans.

The opossum is recovering at Terese Evans home. Evans is the director of the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project.

"We don't care if you are a sparrow or an eagle. If you have been injured or displaced from human intervention, good or bad, we are happy to see what we can do to get you back out there."

And getting back out there is exactly the goal for this marsupial. To raise her six children the way she is suppose to, in the wild.

"My hope for her is she gets released back into the wild and raise her young and be left undisturbed to do what she does best and that's eat dead things, eat slugs and bugs, and moles and shrews, and all that they do."

The opossum has one bullet left behind her right ear. They plan to keep an eye on that, but she should be back in the wild in the next few weeks.

Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project Hotline: 319-277-6511

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