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Morality behind Osama bin Laden's death


On Sunday, U.S. Navy seals conducted the raid killing the Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden. The ransacked compound now shows the aftermath of Sunday's bloody struggle. Now that news has settled in some are celebrating and others are wrestling with how to react to the death of a terrorist leader. Wednesday, we heard the perspectives of three people about the morality of the death of bin Laden.

Nick Riley served in the US Navy for six years.

"I was a cook for the Admiral in Carry Strike Group 11," Riley said. "I did two tours in the Persian Gulf. One was nine months the other was six."

Sunday night, when news spread across the country of bin Laden's death, Riley rejoiced.

"First thing I did was call up my old Navy buddies and say 'we got em'," Riley said. "I can't believe it. This day has finally come. We really thought this day wasn't going to come any time soon."

In Waterloo, Mohammed Fahmy breathed a sigh of relief too. He said he hoped it would allow for less violence and more peace.

Monday morning, students at Loras College had mixed reactions.

"It was a mixed bag in Campus Ministry, especially, with Saturday's beatification of Pope John Paul and then Osama Bin Laden's death," Peace and Justice Coordinator Dave McDermott said.

"We never rejoice in someone's death," he said. "It's not something to rejoice in. We can talk about justice and the way people need to be brought to justice, but in this case, maybe it was the only way to bring Osama bin Laden to justice."

While each admit their reaction to the death, the morality of it all is still hard to grasp.

"I think what we're really celebrating is not that someone died, but that justice has been served-- for those many innocent people who's lives were lost," Riley said.

All three expressed their concern for treating Muslims with dignity. Fahmy said he is tired of religion being an excuse for war. The one thing everyone agrees on: justice was served at the price of death.

Wednesday, even the Dalai Lama commented on Bin Laden's death saying, "as a human being, he may have deserved compassion and even forgiveness," but later added that ''forgiveness doesn't mean forget what happened."

And we learned Wednesday we won't be seeing proof of bin Laden's death.

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