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Athletes of the Week: Hudson Girls Track


The Hudson girls track team has just wrapped up their 6th consecutive conference title but in a sport based on individual accomplishments these girls are all about the team. The combination of Holly Halstead, Hillary Garvey, and Marisa Evers has the Pirates poised for big finish to the 2011 season.

 "We have a saying," Marisa Evers says, "4 for 1. 4 girls always have to, aiming for one goal and we really focus more on the team effort that we're all close together and if we're not all close together then were not going to accomplish what we want at the end of the season."

Best of class winner and Future Wartburg Basketball athlete says their team is filled with athletes. "We have a lot of great competitors and good athletes on our team and so it really isn't just put it all on one person's shoulders. We all work together and it does take every person to get the championship that were hoping for and strive for."

At the NICL Conference championship on Monday the Hudson girls rolled off 171 points, the most they have ever scored in a conference meet. Pair that with the fact they finished at or near the top in nearly every relay at the state meet last season only fuel the fire. "It pushes me really hard to try and get first in those events and helps my team out, says senior and future NIACC Track athlete, "I'm doing it for those girls."

For this team it is all about finishing the 2011 season with a team championship.

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