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Great Iowa Treasure Hunt: Waterloo woman gets a big check


You wouldn't believe how much money and valuables the state is holding for eastern Iowans.

The cash and belongings are waiting to be claimed by simply going online, printing out the forms and mailing them in.

In the final part of 'The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt', the state treasurer joins us to track down one Waterloo woman on the list and give her a big check.

Check out all these unclaimed items being held for eastern Iowans.

The state treasurer and his staff are helping KWWL track down people on their list.

"If a bank or a business or a company writes a check that's never cashed, do they get to keep it? No, it's turned over to the state treasurer and that's unclaimed property," said Michael Fitzgerald, Iowa Treasurer of State.

People like you who are owed thousands of dollars in cash and valuables.

"We've returned over 130-million dollars to well over 100,000 Iowans but it just keeps coming in faster than we can return it. Last year over $20 million was turned over to the state of Iowa," he said.

We had to ask, what bizarre items have yet to be claimed by Iowans?

"We have gotten people's ashes. We've gotten false teeth. We get their old gold teeth."

Perhaps one of the biggest roadblocks for the state and what we discovered, convincing people it's not a scam.

If you or a deceased family member are on the list, you can get the property no questions asked and for free from the state.

Everything from utility refunds to insurance dividends.

"Check out our website, see if your name's on there. There's probably a 1 in 10 chance you're owed money."

And the state will keep your money until you come calling.

Unless we come calling.

The treasurer joined us to surprise this woman with a big check.

Diane Barneson of Waterloo was due thousands from life insurance benefits.

Now she has her money.  

And we want you to get your hands on the money and property the state could be holding for you or a loved one.

 Click on the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt link and check out a county-by-county list of eastern Iowans owed more than one-thousand dollars.


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