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Budget holding up the end of the legislative session


The Iowa State Legislature is going into overtime and the main sticking point is the budget.

On Monday both Republicans and Democrats agreed they are about $140 million apart which includes the democrats call to increase state aid to schools by $65 million. Republicans however, oppose any increase.

Another issue is Governor Terry Branstad's demand to approve two-year budgets, rather than the typical one year spending plans.

Branstad said longer-term budgets will enable officials to plan more effectively and help reduce spending.

Local legislative leaders also made their thoughts known.

"My hope is calmer heads prevail, that folks continue to communicate and work together and focus on the areas where you can forge a compromise," said Sen. Jeff Danielson of Cedar Falls.

"I continue to see some of the disagreements with budgets and starting to think we could be here a little bit longer trying to figure out those final numbers," said Rep. Walt Rogers of Cedar Falls.

Senators and representative will be heading home Tuesday night. Legislative leaders who deal with the budget will be on call and will try to hammer out a deal. If there's progress everyone will return to Des Moines on Monday.

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