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More motorcycles on the roadways


May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. With the warmer weather and higher gas prices don't be alarmed when you see more motorcycles on the road.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, in 2001 36 motorcyclist were killed on Iowa highways. In 2010 there were 60.

Clara Boldt has been riding her motorcycle since 1992. Her passion is keeping motorcyclists, like herself, safe on the road.

"A lot of times we hear, oh I didn't see them when they are reporting an accident, but in fact it's probably they didn't look," said Boldt.

A new safety feature may help drivers see these bikes on the roads more clearly. It's called a modulating headlight.

"On the motorcycle the light more or less flickers. It almost looks like its hitting a bump with the modulating headlights," said Joe Stafford, Black Hawk County Sheriff's Department.

The light is controlled by an electronic system and only stays on during the day. There is only one issue though, some drivers are confusing this light for a emergency vehicle light and are actually pulling over.

"On the emergency vehicle not only will the lights be going off, but they will also be accompanied with a red and blue light with a siren," said Stafford.

Although law enforcement say it is still very important to pull over for emergency vehicles, there is no need to confuse them with the modulating headlight.

"We don't want people to get excited, flustered, take action when there is no need to take action. We want everybody to be safe on the roads including the motorcyclists and drivers," said Rob Boots, Gold Wing Road Riders Association.

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