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Linn County voters hit the polls Tuesday


Linn County voters will hit the polls at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday to decide if they want to increase the local option sales tax for the next 20 years. It would mean an extra penny on every dollar spent across the county.

Some worry it might impact shopping while others say it would bring hope of funding a levy to protect homes and businesses along the Cedar River.

Richard Foens hasn't made up his mind if he'll vote yes or no on Tuesday.

"The 20-year thing concerns me because of the longevity of it," said Foens.

Foens has owned Smitty's Shoe Repair in Marion for decades.

"I keep a sales tax chart right by my cash register," added Foens. "I think Cedar Rapids, Linn County, the city, the state of Iowa have done a tremendous job.  They have had so many people to please and we have traditions that are hard to let go.  I can't even let go of my house.  Even though all I have to do is go down and sign."

But for others, the tax would help fund hope, since the Cedar River destroyed homes three years ago.

The local option sales tax adds up to a lot of different opinions but the voters will decide when the polls open Tuesday morning.

Many people told us they've already voted by absentee ballot.

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