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Red Cross calls on Iowa to help tornado victims


The pictures are heart-wrenching.

"Unbelievable, this is starting from scratch for so many people," said Linda Hey, a trained Red Cross volunteer from Cedar Rapids, who is heading down to Alabama Friday night.

Wednesday is a day that will go down as the deadliest from a tornado in the U.S. since 1937.

When it's as big as this disaster is or these disasters are, then they start to draw from further around the country," said Angela Jordan, CEO for the Red Cross Grant Wood Area Chapter out of Cedar Rapids.

As a result, Red Cross chapters from all over the country are being called in to lend a hand.

The Grant Wood chapter is sending two of its trained volunteers to Alabama to help in the healing.

Hey will spend up to two weeks in hard hit Birmingham, providing food and shelter to those in need.

"To be there tomorrow and see what these people need, will be very interesting, and sad," she said.

Hey, who volunteered at a shelter during 2008's flooding in Cedar Rapids, will put in 18 hour days, in this her first mission outside of Iowa.

Hey says she's anxious to help.

"Helping people is what is important," Hey said.

It's the support of thousands of American Red Cross workers like Hey that will be crucial in helping a region, to get back on its collective feet.

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