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Eastern Iowa watches royal wedding


Billions of people across the world watched as Prince William and now Princess Katherine exchanged vows. But right here in eastern Iowa, this event was a little extra special for some.

"I remember when I was a kid watching Charles and Diana's wedding. It was so magical so I wanted them to have that feeling," said Jed Peterson.

Peterson brought his two daughters to the Londoner in Cedar Rapids to share the royal event.

"I actually had to talk them into it, but then they started to get excited and I couldn't keep them away," he said.

His daughter Annika is seven years old and Hannah is twelve. Which was just about the same age Jed was when Charles and Diana were married.

Whether you're from London or America, it was pretty evident even in eastern Iowa people just really enjoy a royal wedding.

"This morning at 3:30 cars were rolling up. People were waiting outside. This is just a wonderful event and it's great to have Iowans share with our British contingents here," said Londoner owner Doug Graham.

Graham grew up in London. He opened the British pub about 15 months ago.

"This whole wedding I think gives a glimmer of hope. You know life gets a little murky sometimes. This brings out the best in everybody," Graham said.


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