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Monticello School district turns school lunch into soil


It started as a class assignment in the community of Monticello.  If the idea continues to grow, the high school would be a trailblazer.

The school would be the first to have an operational compost yard behind the high school.

For one young man, the compost project is a mixture of hard luck and hope.

Teachers gave up their parking spots for the building site, and the students are dumping their school lunch leftovers into designated spots.  According to the Monticello School District, this community effort will save it at least $1,300 in the first year.

Seventeen-year-old Blake Kohlmeyer presented his idea to the school board on Monday night and says his nerves almost got the best of him.

"My knees were shaking. I stuttered once. But I was really proud of myself.  It's surprising I've been brought to light in many people's eyes and I just hope I get a good grade!" Kohlmeyer said.

"That speaks volumes about the teachers. Where a kid can come up with a project and it's supported by the community," Anderson said.

Getting the grant money from the school's foundation and making the pitch was a challenge, but nothing compared to what Kohlmeyer has faced before.

Kohlmeyer lives in foster care. He's moved around sixteen times since kindergarten.  The support from his new school makes him finally feel at home.

"Its what you do to better yourself and your community. It's amazing what simple steps you can take," Kohlmeyer said.

The school plans to have the project up and running by the time school lets out at the end of May.

If community members want to pitch in, they're asked to contact Blake Kohlmeyer on his facebook page.

Or you can contact the school by clicking here.

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