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Sweet Tooth: Dough and Joe in Cresco


"Everyone who comes in the door is happy to be here and why not. It makes the job fun," said Molly Pedretti.

The job is certainly fun for Steve and Molly Pedretti. The Pedretti's own and operate "Dough and Joe" in Cresco.

It's a business they're very familiar with. Steve's father opened Pedretti's Bakery in Elkader in 1968, which is now run by Steve's nephew.

And before Dough and Joe, Steve and Molly owned and operated another bakery in Cresco.

"I was 21 when we bought the first bakery up here, and we had it 14 years," said Steve Pedretti.

But with two sons, the Pedretti's left the bakery business for several years to have more family time.

Then almost five years ago they decided it was time to get back to baking.

"It's been a wonderful experience to come back and know they missed the bakery that much. They support us tremendously," said Molly Pedretti.

Getting back into the business meant a new building, new items and a new name...

"And our son Eric who came up with the name was going to school at UNI for public relations and marketing, and I said come up with something creative. Dough obviously for the bakery, Joe for a cup of joe and Steve's father's name was Joe and that's how it all started," said Molly Pedretti.

Dough and Joe makes doughnuts, cupcakes, bread and photo cakes are very popular. But there's definitely a specialty item.

"Steve makes the best creme filled long john's probably in the state. We had a couple married in Colorado from Cresco and they love the creme filled long johns so much they had that instead of a wedding cake. We shipped out the frosting and long johns and they cut and filled them and had that for their wedding," said the Pedretti's.

The Pedretti's are gearing up for their busiest time, which is typically from Easter through July Fourth.

Steve is the main baker, coming in at 10 p.m. The hours may not be great, but baking is a family tradition, and neither Steve nor Molly could imagine doing anything else.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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