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Couple married 75 years shares advice before Royal Wedding


April 29, millions of people all around the world will watch as Prince William and Kate Middleton say their "I Do's". Like most newlyweds, Middleton and Prince William will get their share of advice on what it takes to have a long, healthy marriage. But they'd be wise to listen to a couple from eastern Iowa, who have been kissing goodnight for 75 years.

Jim and Doris Ewing met in their teens, and even now, Jim clearly remembers the moment he first caught a glimpse of his future wife.

"I was going in to get a haircut in Waukon, and she was sitting in the chair," he said.

Doris -- or Mikey, as she's called -- doesn't recall the haircut. She remembers meeting Jim at a dance hall, which happened to be located in his dad's barn. But don't think for one second she asked him to dance, or any other suitor for that matter.

"At that time I had too many. I didn't have to ask anybody!" she laughed.

Apparently, the dance went well. Jim asked Mikey for her hand in marriage, and they said their vows later that year. Mikey wore a dress she bought for less than five dollars, and a few family members stood by their side.

"My father passed away two months before we got married, so it was a small wedding," said Mikey.

The intimate ceremony in 1936 turned out to be the start of a long, happy marriage. They have four kids, countless grandkids, and a lifetime of memories -- very few of which are clouded by fighting or disagreements.

"Well, when we had too big of an argument, I just walked off," joked Mikey.

The pair's advice for any newlywed is to communicate.

"They should have respect and love and trust each other," said Mikey.

Also, know that together you can handle what ever cards you're long as you never go to bed angry.

"We always kissed goodnight and said, I love you. We still do," Mikey added.

Words to live by, whether you're accustomed to wearing a crown, or a baseball hat.

KWWL will carry live coverage of the Royal Wedding, starting at 3:00 AM Friday, April 29th.

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