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Oh Baby: Move Over Man Cave, It's the Mom Cave


The man cave was a popular decorating trend that seemed to take off a few years ago.

And who couldn't use a little escape every now and then?

Now moms are creating their own retreat within their homes.

The mom cave is the latest design trend to hit some homes.

Nickie Bragg is one busy mom, between running her own company and taking care of her family, but she knows the importance of "me" time, even scheduling it into her calendar.

"If we don't take that time for ourselves it'll be taken by something else," she said.

She recently renovated her bathroom, transforming it into a relaxing spot she uses as a secluded sanctuary.

"It gives me a little bit of piece, serenity."

This special space is what is known as a mom cave, a spin off of the man cave that became all the rage a few years ago, the place the guys transformed to their own Mecca with big screen TVs, dart boards and more.

Now, moms are carving out their niche too.

"Moms have decided, 'You know what, it's our turn. We need a place where we can relax and unwind and enjoy our hobbies and just shut out the world and have that me-time,'" interior designer Kelly Porter said.

Porter says moms are creating at home spas hobby rooms, even napping nooks, and you don't always need a lot of space to escape and rejuvenate.

"It's very easy to design a corner or a closet or just a portion of a room or portion of your basement to set up your mom cave," she said.

"This is kind of like my little reading corner. I like to turn the fireplace on," Bragg said.

What does a mom cave look like? Anything you want.

Porter points out, it's really not about how it looks, but how it makes you feel.

"Moms are famous for taking care of everybody else in the family except ourselves so the mom cave is about self nurturing. It's about having your own special place where you can shut off the world even if it's just for a few minutes," she said.

Bragg said, "It makes me feel like me again. You get wrapped up in the role of being a wife and mother and business person and you lose track of who you are as a person."

Kelly Porter emphasizes this spot is really about you, so design it how you would like, and leave everyone else's opinion out of it to make sure you create something you truly love, instead of what others might love.

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