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Wind, sleet, and snow in Eastern Iowa


Wind, rain, snow, and sleet. These are just some of the elements Eastern Iowans battled in a rare late-April snowstorm. Some of the worst weather hit the northern portions of our viewing area.

In West Union, they saw it all. Tuesday day started off with snow. Then, they had the rain, before finally turning into a windy, slushy mix. While some of us might have some choice words to describe this weather, for others, it's just another day at the office.

"Today there wasn't much you could do. It comes down as fast as you could shovel it," said David House, plow driver for the Fayette County Courthouse.

House started plowing this drive at 8:00 Tuesday morning, then came back through around 11:00, once more at 4:00, and then made a final pass before nightfall.

"It's job security, the way I look at it! I enjoy the outdoors. I'd rather be out here than inside," said House.

He's one of the only people with that mentality. Most of West Union looked like a ghost town -- not to mention the white blanket covering the lawns. Although... David remembers worse.

"I want to say it was '76. April 9th or something like that. It was 65 degrees one day and 13 inches of snow the next," House noted.

Luckily, Eastern Iowans weren't dealing with anything like that. But even a few inches is more than enough, when we're already thinking spring.

We did a little fact checking, and it appears House had the right date, just not the right year. According to the National Weather Service, in 1973, on April 6th, the high temperature in our area was in the sixties. Two days later, 11 inches of snow was recorded in Fayette.

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