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SYSK: "Grandma's Hugs" provides blankets to children

Sisters Bonnie Moeller and Kay Greeley work quietly in Kay's basement making fleece tie blankets.

"Grandma's Hugs" started four years ago when Heritage United Methodist Church in Waverly asked for volunteers.  The volunteers each got $100 and were told to "pay it forward."

It took some time, but the sisters got their idea.

"In December of that year I had a 10-year-old granddaughter have surgery in Iowa City. A friend gave her a blanket and it was very comforting to her. I was just sitting in church, it was Ash Wednesday, and I was like fleece blankets," said Bonnie Moeller.

The fleece blankets go to children in three departments at the Waverly Health Center: outpatient surgery, the ER and the birthing center.

The sisters estimate they've completed at least 700 blankets during four years. With each blanket, is a note from "Grandma's Hugs."

"We've probably gotten as much out of it as anybody who's received one of our blankets. I think I've gotten more," said Bonnie and Kay.

People at the church, in the community and even people who get a blanket make a donation for materials.

"We only use the money for materials. We don't use it for gas or phone calls or that type of stuff," said Kay Greeley.

None of the fabric goes to waste. Leftover squares go to a 95-year-old woman in Maynard who makes quilts. Extra edges get braided by Kay into dog toys.

Neither sister thought their simple idea of making blankets would still be going strong four years later.

"No. I didn't. I had no idea it would last this long, but it just feels right to do it. If we weren't doing it we'd be lost. We think we're gonna quit and somebody taps us on the shoulder, gives us $20 or material and we think okay, we're supposed to keep going," they said.

The sisters plan to keep going as long as people keep making those donations.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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