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SYSK: Pam Ayres shares her love of organ music


Lots of music and lots of laughs, that's what you can expect during a class with Pam Ayres at Critchett's Lowrey Organ Center in Cedar Falls.

Pam Ayres teaches classes Monday through Friday. Each session is an hour, and she has approximately 100 students.

"It's a wonderful hobby for people. It's a very rewarding occupation for me," said Pam Ayres.

Her youngest student is about 50 years old and some students are in their 90s!

"She's got the patience of Job to be dealing with is old people and we have a ball and we want to be at class because we just all thoroughly enjoy each other and we particularly enjoy her. She's a sweetheart," said student Joyce Jensen.

Ayres said it's actually pretty easy to learn the organ. The notes are big and even labeled. The students learn a new song each week.

Pam Ayres started playing the organ when she was just seven years old.

"I think my parents started it for disciplinary reasons and my piano teacher bought an organ and that was it," said Ayres.

Ayres became a teacher for Critchett's in 1975. She said the organ is no longer just an organ, it's an orchestra.

"Big band, country, rock and roll, polka, waltz," she said.

Ayres said besides having fun, there's scientific proof playing the organ also improves your health.

"Lowers blood pressure, it even raises HGH, improves hand-eye coordination, lowers depression," said Ayres.

Joyce Jensen knows first-hand the benefits of playing the organ.

"My husband is an Alzheimer's patient and there's a lot of stress involved and this is wonderful therapy," said Jensen.

Pam Ayres said not many students have experience with the organ, but that's okay.

She loves teaching her classes because everybody chooses to be here and everybody's happy.

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