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Impactt: More than a basketball team


The Waterloo Ballers' basketball team started nine years ago.

"We would go to tournaments when they were younger. I would call time out and they were like ok Tammy we need to run this and we need to do this. I was like ok lets do that," said Coffer.

But not knowing how to coach basketball wasn't a big deal for Tammy Coffer, mother of two. For her, it was the fact the boys were together doing something positive.

"I don't want them to get into the streets. I don't want them to go back to selling drugs or get in the gangs out there. I will do everything in my power to keep them together. We are a family," said Coffer.

In 2005, The Waterloo Ballers basketball team joined the group Impactt--I'm Part of a Change Today and Tomorrow. The boys would travel to AAU basketball tournaments. But as 8th grader, Jibri Petroske, says this really is more than a basketball team.

"Its my family. I love my team. We have been through a lot," said Petroske.

A family that has grown to more than 90 boys and now girls. Impactt not only focuses on basketball, but academics as well.

"It's a passionate thing because we watch the dead bodies pile up. We watch the prison system increase. Just because there is nobody really there to say come this way or come that way," said William Corey Muhammad, Impactt director.

From basketball to school work volunteers like Muhammad are making a difference.

"He is like my dad. I never had a dad. He's my dad," said Petroske.

Giving a group of teens a positive place to play a game they really love.

Impactt is a non-profit organization.  They do not have a specific place where they meet, but for more information email or visit

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