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SYSK: 19-year-old Abby Ryan publishes first book


On April 26th, a book written by an eastern Iowa teenager will be on store shelves.

Abby Ryan finished her first book at age 16, found a publisher online, submitted a manuscript and soon her will book hit stores.

Now 19 years old, Abby Ryan spends a lot of time in her room, but it's not just because she's a teenager. Her room is also her office.

Abby Ryan is an author. Her first book, Orphan of the Shadows, is set to hit stores April 26th.

She first got the inspiration to write when she was about eight years old and her sister read books to her.

"I just heard the stories she would tell and it made me fall in love with books and like I want to tell the story for other people," said Abby Ryan.

Abby graduated from Waverly-Shell Rock High School in January and her family recently moved to Sumner.

Her goal is to complete 18 books during the next several years, which is why it's no surprise she spends a lot of time typing in her room.

"Usually in the evening I get everything out. During the day it all builds up and then my emotions come out at night," she said.

But Abby doesn't always work alone, her 13-year-old brother Quade helps edit.

Right now, Quade is reading the sequel to Orphan of the Shadows.

"I think it's amazing, and I can barely put it down because I want to know how the story continues," said Quade Ryan.

Quade's sharp eye is especially important because Abby has dyslexia, meaning letters are re-arranged making it difficult to read, write and spell.

"I have a whole bunch of misspelled words so spell check, amazing, and Quade comes in and fixes stuff spell check doesn't catch," said Abby Ryan.

When writing, Abby takes inspiration from real life. But she's also inspired by other authors.

"I keep my most inspirational ones next to my bed. Cassandra Clare, all time favorite. I was in a writer's block in the sequel. I read her books and came right out of it," said Ryan.

Orphan of the Shadows is the first book in what Abby calls the Light and Dark Chronicles. She plans to write a total of eight books for the series, and Quade looks forward to reading them all.

"It's so action packed. It's like ten times better than watching television," he said.

The process has brought them closer as siblings, and it's no secret Quade is one of his sister's biggest fans.

"I think she's an amazing person, and I can't believe how hard she's working," said Quade Ryan.

Working hard, typing away and brainstorming more stories to share.

Abby Ryan is scheduled to be at the Waverly Public Library on April 26th from 4 to 6 p.m. for a book signing.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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