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Wounded solider ready to return home to Independence


Two wounded Iowa soldiers are on their way to recovery after an attack in Afghanistan this week. An IED explosion Monday left Specialist Timothy Bagley and Sergeant 1st Class Eric Lindsey facing serous injuries. Lindsey's wife reports her husband is doing well after undergoing surgery on his spine. The explosion hit Bagley's head, wounding his ear, face and jaw.

"I don't remember a moment of my life the past five years without him. And so it's just been really hard to be separated from him to begin with. And then for something like this -- it just, completely broke my heart," said Bagley's high school sweetheart Kylee Callahan.

Bagley's parents and Callahan knew Tim was fighting a battle, but the reality of the danger didn't fully sink in until a call Tuesday morning.

"He says, dad, the vehicle I was in was blown up last night. And then there's like 30 seconds of silence. I kept saying -- Tim, are you okay? Tim, are you okay?" his father Stewart recalled.

He's okay, but that may be the last time they hear Bagley's voice for awhile. The explosion pierced his eardrum and broke his jaw.

"We have a really playful relationship. We talk baby talk and goofy stuff, and to not be able to hear that, it's going to really tough," said Callahan.

Tough, but Callahan said she and Tim don't need words.

"I'll know what he's saying through his eyes alone. His eyes tell me so much. Whether he's mad at me, or happy or sad... I'll be able to tell by his eyes," said Callahan.

Whatever his emotions, the fact that their soldier is alive, and recovering, is all that really matters.

"It could have been a lot worse, from what we understand. We're lucky to still have him," Stewart Bagley added.

Bagley's family is amazed at all the support they've received from the community. They're asking friends to send get-well cards for Tim to their home in Independence:

Spc. Tim Bagley, c/o Stewart and Christine Bagley

1002 3rd St. NE

Independence, IA 50644

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