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Wife of soldier injured in Afghanistan is trying to stay strong


Monday, the families of Sergeant 1st Class Eric Lindsey and Specialist Timothy Bagley received phone calls that their loved one was injured. The soldiers are both with the 133rd infantry based in Iowa Falls. The pair were flown to a German medical center this week, and when they are well enough, will go through long-term therapy in the United States.

Eric's wife Niki Lindsey is surrounding herself with friends and family, who are providing her with a lot of comfort. The one person she really wants to see, the one signified by a star in her window, is her husband.

"It's really hard to know that I'm not there with him, and I can't just hold his hand," she said, with tears in her eyes.

When Niki married Eric a few years ago, she knew she was entering into a military family.

"I met him the day he came home from his first deployment to Iraq," she explained.

As Eric left for deployment number two to the Middle East, he asked Niki to avoid watching or reading about the war in Afghanistan -- basically, try to live in a bubble. Which she did... until Monday.

"You get the phone call that busts the bubble, and you have to look at it in reality," she noted.

The reality is Eric's back is broken. He's not paralyzed, but he will have to endure surgery and therapy, and Niki won't see him until he's stable enough to return to the U.S.

"It's hard to be with the kids, and look at them everyday, and know that their daddy's hurt," she said.

But she vows to stay strong for the kids, no matter how hard that may seem.

"You just have to. You don't get a choice. I have my world here, and he has his world there. And I have to carry on and do the things we would both do if he were here," Niki added.

Eric and Niki's friends and family are raising money to build a fence around the Lindsey's home. That way, when Nick does come home, he can spend as much time as he wants outside playing with his kids, knowing that they're safe. They're asking anyone who wants to help to "sponsor" a section -- a donation of about $25. Volunteers will install it in less than two weeks. To learn how you can help, contact sister-in-law Heather Lindsey at heatherhaileycaleb@yahoo.com.

We're also in contact with the Bagley family. Watch for their story on KWWL News Saturday.

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