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Kidney transplants may go to healthier, younger patients


There are some major changes proposed for the country's kidney transplant program.

The United Network for Organ Sharing, the organization that coordinates organ donations in the U.S. has proposed matching organs and recipients based on age and health, rather than giving kidneys to patients who have been waiting the longest.

Some experts say this is age discrimination.

Others disagree, and say this is an effort to get the most out of a scarce resource.

"Just trying to shift the right organ to the right patient so it's not necessarily that they wouldn't have a chance of receiving an organ. They might get an organ from slightly older donor than they would have when they started, " Abhi Humar, Clinical Director of Transplant Program at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said.

Under the proposed rules patients who are fifteen years older or younger than the donor would get priority.

This is just a proposal right now, not

The rule, and does not apply to living donations.

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