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Being prepared before the storm hits


Now that we are entering severe weather season, there are simple things you can do before severe weather hits to help keep you and your family safe when severe weather does happen.

Get ready before severe weather hits by putting together a severe weather plan. It is important to know where your family should go when severe weather threatens your area.

Also, put together a severe weather preparedness kit. Some items that you may want to put into your kit include: flashlights with extra batteries, bottled water, a first aid kit, gloves, extra medications, and a whistle. It is also a good idea to keep your winter boots or an extra pair of shoes in your shelter. We have a complete list of items you may want to include on our website

Also, make sure you know what county you live in, where it is located on a map, and the counties around you, especially to the west and to the south since that is the direction most storms come from.

Make sure you know the difference between a watch and a warning.

A watch is issued by the National Weather service when conditions are favorable for severe weather to develop. Remember, watch they sky, something could happen. A warning is issued by the National Weather Service when either severe weather is occurring or it is indicated by Doppler radar. When a warning is issued, Seek Shelter NOW!

Here at KWWL we attempt to prepare the public for all severe weather with a "ready, set, go" concept at severe weather approaches.


Pay attention to the severe weather outlooks put out by the Storm Prediction Center. We will usually show you the risk for severe weather for today and tomorrow during our newscasts. Know if there is a slight, moderate, or high risk of severe weather in your area for the day.


When a watch is issued for your area, it means the atmosphere is set and capable of producing severe weather. We will break into programming as soon as a severe weather watch is issued for counties in. Make sure you watch the skies and keep informed of developing weather.


(Picture or video of tornado )When a warning is issued, Go, Go, Go, to your shelter.

This is the time to put your severe weather plan into action.

Hopefully by being prepared and knowing what to do before severe weather hits, you can minimize the potential risk to both you and your family during severe weather situations.

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