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Government Shutdown: Iowans could feel the impact


If a government shutdown happens, the IRS would stop processing paper tax returns, the federal housing administration would stop guaranteeing loans, national parks would close, and affect about 800,000 workers.  

Iowans could also feel the impact.

The clock is ticking for congress.  All non-essential federal workers could be furloughed. 

Sergeant First Class Denny Ridenaur does paperwork inside of the national guard armory in Cedar Rapids.   He says he can't help but think about his fellow employees across the property.

"We can't do some of the things that we do without the FMS being open.  We can't conduct maintenance on our vehicles.  We can't order repair parts."  said Ridenaur.

Ridenaur is concerned that without a federal budget, maintenance crews could be out of work.

Don Tyne handles veterans affairs in Linn County.   He says many people who rely on government work are on edge.

"That would have an adverse affect on all these veterans paying their rent, their mortgage, buying groceries and so on." said Tyne

Political science professor David Doerge says to try to be patient while the government attempts to come to an agreement on spending.

"It just depends on where someone decides where to draw the line between essential and non essential programs.  The secret of this whole thing is how long it lasts. If it lasts a few days, everybody will get through it.  There will be some bumps but nothing big. If it lasts for a week or two weeks, then states that are already fiscally stretched are going to have a really tough time with their cash flow."  said Doerge.

SFC Ridenaur hopes a budget is passed soon so his co-workers aren't furloughed.

"Hopefully the time they are off is a short period of time and they get back to work right away. Because we're all part of a team trying to accomplish the same mission."



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