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NBC's ''Parenthood'' addresses prom and sex


The season is here. The pressures teens are under as the big prom night approaches. Tuesday night's episode of "Parenthood'' addressed several issues teens face on the big night. If you have a teenager at home, chances are they've already started planning for the night. But how can you make sure your teen is making good choices, despite the pressure to make prom night one to remember?

The expectations of prom night are often high and with those come expectations of sex and alcohol. We sat down with four teens, with four views on what prom is about. But they all admit there is a pressure to have sex.

"The dress, yes the dress, going shopping and finding the perfect dress," Sophomore Brie Naderman said.

"We'll you gotta ask the girl, yeah it's kind of a big thing," Senior Sam Schwab said. "And then you are expected to buy the flower, the dinners, take her out somewhere nice."

"Some girls don't think of it as special as we think it's supposed to be or like a fairytale," Sophomore Kayla Helbing said.

But dig a little deeper and this fairy tail night comes with memories and pressure to have sex. Just like the recent episode of "Parenthood", teens experience pressure and parents worry about how to address the issue.

"A lot of kids fold under that pressure but they have to look passed that moment. They can't just look at that moment as the turning point of what's gonna happening because it will determine and stop their goals in life," Clarity Clinic Executive Director Kris Nauman said.

Nauman said parents can help their students make good choices. But it starts with communication.

"Part of the problem with parents in communication is they know they're going to be picked up here and dropped off there. But they don't know what the morals and standards of that other family is," Nauman said.

She says have a plan, talk it through, check up on your kids. And make sure expectations are the same. Still, the teens we talked to say their expectation don't include sex.

"I have a future that I can't ruin by getting caught drinking or getting my girlfriend pregnant that would just mess up my future completely," Schwab said.

"I mean we both have expectations but I know that neither of us expect anything like that. There's not really any pressure there," Junior Luke Berning said.

I think that if you're boyfriend is pressure you to have sex on prom you shouldn't be going out with them," Naderman said.

Teens ago admit that post prom activities sponsored by their schools often help curb pressure and expectations of sex and alcohol.

Clarity Clinic says the see an increase of girls visiting their office in May and June. They attribute some of that to prom season. They say the most important thing to remember. Have an open honest conversation. Make sure your teen understands the consequences of their actions.

In a recent study from the CDC, nearly have of teens have had sexual intercourse but that's down about 20 percent since 1991. About 65 percent of girls, and 53 percent of boys received some formal sex education about both abstinence and birth control. While 44 percent of girls, and 27 percent of boys have spoken with their parents about abstinence and birth control.

The rate of teen girls having children has actually dropped by 40 percent in the past 20 years.

Still, 1,100 teen girls do give birth every day. Adding up to more than 400,000 teen births in the US each year.

Iowa's teen pregnancy rate is about 20 percent lower than the national number, making it the 10th lowest in the nation.

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