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Assessing hail damage in Dubuque


Homeowners in and around Dubuque County assessed property damage Monday, after Sunday's hail storm.

A car peppered with dents is what Dave Smiley and his significant other expected upon surveying the hail damage, but they also found a surprise.

"It's solid, except now it's solid Swiss cheese," Smiley said, knocking on a sturdy plastic toolbox.  The tools inside of it are fine - for now.

"We're going to patch it, in case of a rain storm right now, but, yes, next pay day, it will get replaced," Smiley said.

Elsewhere in Dubuque, Rose and Wayne Small saved the hailstones that put dents in their metal awnings. They stuck them in their freezer to show the insurance agent.

"Well, it was an awful noise," Wayne Small said. "We didn't know what it was before we looked outside. Hail all over the place."

The phones at insurance companies were ringing off the hook Monday.

"I've gotten calls from, you know, from Holy Cross, from Rickardsville, East Dubuque, where we have an office," David Ludovissy said, president of Ludovissy and Associates Insurance Company.

Ludovissy said severe weather is partially to blame for rising insurance rates in Iowa.

"We've now had three or four significant storm years, not only for Dubuque, but for the state of Iowa, and we've gone through a lot of turmoil with homeowners' rates," Ludovissy said.

While the hail storm left damage in its path, homeowners and insurance companies are preparing for a full season of severe weather ahead.

The National weather service says severe weather season 2011 may be more intense due to a climate pattern called La Nina. The NWS recommends getting a weather radio to prepare for any severe weather.

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