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Oh Baby: Homework Helpers help kids manage time and grades


When a child struggles with classwork, parents often turn to tutors.

But what if your child's problem is more about staying on top of their studies and less about understanding them?

If you're tired of being the parent arguing about getting homework done, or have a child who forgets what needs to be done, these days, you can call in a homework helper.

Student Nick Tanteri spends his afternoons like many other children, searching for solutions to his homework.

But in his case, it's not his parents watching over his shoulder. He has a homework helper.

He's not the only one. Parents coast to coast are hiring them with one goal in mind: making sure work is getting done.

While tutors generally focus on teaching a particular topic, homework helpers are more like monitors.

Tim Levin hires out homework helpers and says it's about getting the student motivated and organized.

"Is there an assignment pad? Have you written down your assignments? Do you know what's due tomorrow and do you know what's due the next week and how complete are you doing these assignments?" Bespoke Education worker Tim Levin said.

Some educators are concerned about the trend, worried it takes parents out of the mix and stops kids from becoming independent learners. But Levin says there are many good reasons parents turn to the service.

"A, they're dealing with other kids. B, they're at work late or maybe C, they just don't know how to do it," he said.

Mother Allyse Denefsky sees her decision to get a helper as an advantage for her son, Jacob.

He gets one-on-one assistance above and beyond what she could offer.

"I certainly was not capable of giving him the kind of enrichment that he needed," Denefsky said.

"He also has some really good test taking strategies up his sleeve," Jacob said.

Homework helpers generally charge $15-$30 per hour while tutors can cost up to triple that.

But National Tutoring Association President Lynn Giese says tutors are worth the price, and can teach organization on top of teaching subject matter.

"The parent, the student's responsibility and the school and the teacher's, to work together to help the student become academically successful," Giese said.

Nick Tanteri gives his homework helper an A+ for helping improve his grades and his confidence.

"I think it was really, it really helped," he said.

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