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SYSK: The creators of the "Interlude Dance"


Six simple steps make up the Interlude Dance, and in less than six months since a "how to" video was posted on YouTube, the dance has exploded.

From soldiers in Afghanistan to elementary students to people in Germany, the Interlude Dance has officially gone global.

And it all started with three guys, Ian Goldsmith, Scott Connerley and Tyler Wright, at Campbell Hall dormitory at UNI.

"Our friend Tyler came up with what he called the 'gruff' dance. He would wave his hands around when Interlude by Attack Attack! came on. He introduced the song to Scott along with his dance. Scott liked it and introduced it to me. So the three of us at the dances at Campbell Hall last year would run around and do that dance when the song game. The Scott and I went to china during the summer. We taught English at a summer camp. There we came up with the rest of the moves. We never said, hey let's do a dance, it's just something we would do naturally. I mean it's what we'd do in life, and we made fun names and had the final product as the Interlude Dance," said Ian Goldsmith.

After China, Ian Goldsmith and Scott Connerley started showing the dance to people at Campbell Hall. Then they made an instructional video in early November.

Next, the guys approached the UNI Athletic Department about doing the dance at games, but it took some convincing.

"This challenge developed. They said if we could get 100 people to a girls basketball game, they would play the song and do the dance and see how it goes," said Scott Connerley.

About 140 more people showed up to the game, they danced the dance, and the athletic department agreed to play it at other events.

A campus wide e-mail was even sent out with a link to the "how to video".

"The thing I like most about it is not necessarily the attention we're getting but just knowing so many people are getting fun and excitement and joy out of something, weird to say, but something we came up with and started," said Ian Goldsmith.

The Interlude song is by Attack Attack! Goldsmith said the band supports the dance, even posting links to videos on its Facebook page.

Ian and Scott said the dance is bigger than they ever imagined, but they hope it continues to reach more people.

The campus book store is even selling shirts that read "Teach Me How to Interlude."

"You're missing out on the fun if you don't know it," said Connerley.

All three guys were the first non-athletic students at UNI to earn athletic letters.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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