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Waverly shining a new light on going green


If you're driving through Waverly at night, you may notice something a little different.

"When you drive underneath it, it will have a lot of small bulbs. The second thing is the color. Instead of the older yellow color this one is a cooler more of a true white color," Utility Relations Manager Sheila Boeckman said.

Thanks to a new energy efficiency grant Waverly Light and Power crews are in the process of updating 950 streetlights to LED lights.

The project is making energy efficiency a main priority and saving the city of Waverly thousands of dollars.

"The estimation that over a 20 year period there will be savings of $520,000 which includes the lower power we have to purchase for the town as well as the maintenance costs," Boeckman said.

The average life span of an LED bulb averages up to 150,000 or more hours. That means instead of replacing the bulbs every three years, the new bulbs could last up to 20 years.

"We will save enough energy to power 37 homes per year based on the old lights versus the new ones," Boeckman said.

Waverly Light and Power crews have already put up nearly half of the 950 LED streetlights. They will put up the other half next winter.

Waverly Light and Power is encouraging people to buy LED lights in their own home by providing a rebate.

For more information about the rebate click here.


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