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Meth lab dumpsite rise in Clayton County


Clayton County is seeing a major jump in meth lab dump sites. A number have been found in ditches, farm fields, one was found in city limits. Earlier this month, sheriff officials recovered items from sites around the McGregor area, including empty plastic bottles, plastic tubing, coffee filters, starting fluid liquid and empty cold pill boxes.

They say now they're looking for your help in finding what might look like roadside trash.

Chief Deputy Ryan Johnson has been getting several calls about roadside dumping.

"One liter bottles of pop or the two liter bottles of pop. We've been finding garbage from the blister packs of pills," Johnson said.

But officials aren't finding garbage, they're finding left over meth lab ingredients. In fact, they've discovered five in the past month. Johnson says empty bottles, batteries, cold tablet packages, drain cleaning, starter fluid and reactive metals are few items commonly dumped.

"Our county is very rural. We have very few cities so it's very easy, especially for somebody using the one pot method to jump in their car, drive the county roads and probably drive around for several hours without running into a car, let alone law enforcement," Johnson said.

Which is why officials are asking everyone to be on the look out.

"So we have a lot of eyes and ears out there looking for these kinds of things for us," Johnson said.

And he says if you see what looks to be items from a meth lab, don't removed them yourself, instead call local law enforcement.

"That one call may be the tip that we need to arrest somebody for making meth or maybe they have a warrant out for their arrest," Johnson said.

An arrest that could prevent these dangerous items from piling up on county roads.

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