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UPDATED: Repairs completed at Anamosa High School


Students at Anamosa High School enjoyed a day off Tuesday.  It's because a sewer line at the school was cut and some sewage came bubbling up into a locker room. 

Crews started to fix the cut line Monday.  But it turns out that other problems with the sewer system were found and crews worked all day to get sewer service in the building back on.           

Hallways and classrooms at Anamosa High were empty Tuesday.  But behind the building, crews stayed busy trying to repair a sewer line cut by crews performing electrical work in the area.  To do the repair work, sewer service had to be shut off to the high school.  So no functioning bathrooms meant no classes Tuesday.  Luckily, not much sewage came into the building. 

"As a precaution, we did disinfect both locker rooms to make sure it's safe when the students come back," said Anamosa High School principal Steve Goodall.

While crews were working to fix the original cut, a few other problems with the sewer system surfaced.

"They brought in an optical camera to look and find leaks in the sewer line, and digging them up as they find them, patching the sewer line.  And they'll replace the broken pipes as they find them," Goodall said.

Right now it remains unclear just who will pay for all of the costly repairs.

"I think the guy said this morning that it was a fairly extensive evening trying to get all of the several holes that have been discovered.  So I don't know who's going to incur the cost.  It'll be between the district and the companies to figure out who's responsible for what.  And that's something they'll have to decide yet," said Goodall.

And even after the repairs are completed, students and staff will have one more small inconvenience to deal with.  A lot of concrete was busted up to uncover the problem spots on the sewer lines.  So that section of the parking lot will be closed off until new concrete can be poured.

The school district was able to complete the repairs in time to hold the FFA banquet on Tuesday night and have school on Wednesday.

Workers are filling the holes with crushed rock and concrete will be poured later this week.

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