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UNI students putting books in the classrooms


Students in Stephanie McCombs' fourth grade classroom at Edison Elementary in Waterloo really enjoy reading.

"The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a really popular book. Anything about animals is popular too," McCombs said.

So when the fourth grade teachers were asked to participate in a project to get more books to their classroom they felt like they won the lottery.

"It was great because how often do you get someone to come up and say hey, we want to give you books," McCombs said.

But getting the right books for the fourth grade students was important.

"I have quite a few nonfiction books, but they're way too hard or way too easy. Many of my books are falling apart," McCombs said.

That is why one UNI student honors group called 'Opportunity to Achieve' made a book registry specific to each classroom.

"If you can't read it's hard to learn any other subject or even be interested in any other subject," UNI student Theresa Luensmann said.

"We found when you are in first grade is when you're learning how to read and fourth grade is when you're learning how to understand what you're reading," UNI student Sonia Han said.

People can buy books for the fourth graders at University Book and Supply in Cedar Falls.

For honors student Meghan Orr this project meant something a little extra special.

"I donated a book in memory of my third grade teacher. She passed away from cancer a few years ago. It just really meant a lot to me that I could give back to those kids like my teachers did to me," Orr said.

There are 125 books on the registry.

The group has already gotten some high profile donations from UNI President Ben Allen and Cedar Falls Mayor Jon Crews.

You can also make a donation to the project by sending money to UNI Opportunity to Achieve at UNI Honors Cottage, 2401 College Street in Cedar Falls. 

The project ends April 8.

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