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Oh Baby: Mom delivers newborn at 13 lbs, 4 oz.

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Giving birth is always a major event, but imagine delivering a larger-than-average baby.  We're talking 13 pounds, four ounces!

Like most mothers, Shannon Korczak knew meeting her baby daughter Caitlin would be a surprise, she just didn't know how big of a surprise.

Shannon says, "My stomach we measured the day we went to the hospital, and it was four feet seven inches around."

At Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, little baby Caitlin weighed a not-so-little 13.4 pounds at birth... a medical center record!

Making Caitlin even more impressive, she came two weeks early!  During an ultrasound before her birth, doctors thought Caitlin could weigh as much as 11 pounds six ounces.

Shannon says, "The 11.6 made doctors think maybe it should be a C-section. I am so glad it was! I don't think I would've been a whole person afterwards if it wasn't."

Doctors say this adorable delivery would have weighed 15 pounds if let go full term.

Caitlin's father David works as an engineer at John Deere and jokes about life imitating his work: "Just like the next model of tractor comes out - each one's got to be bigger, have more horse power, little more features."

Caitlin didn't disappoint. Her 6-year-old brother Brennan weighed 9.5 pounds at birth, her two-year-old sister Allison weighed 10.4 pounds.  Of course, Caitlin easily bested that number by three pounds.

Shannon says, "David jokes I should grow babies for the military."

Shannon says she didn't have gestational diabetes, and her children eventually grow into an average size.  They just seem to grow quickly in utero.

After a stint in the NICU to regulate her blood sugar, Caitlin came home to adoring and eager siblings.

Caitlin measured a more-average 21.5 at birth.

Shannon says she is happy with her family now, and done having children. She's afraid of what the next baby might weigh!

Online reporter:  Sunny Layne

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